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THEMA: Winter weather warriors

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What can a mountaineer who has the north face womens

boots sale
skied in the Arctic Circle, a ranger on Mount Washington who specializes in reading avalanches, or a

musher who has run sled dogs across northern Quebec tell you about enjoying winter? We mined a wealth of cold-weather

wisdom from Maine’s most expert winter travelers. These are people who go outside in tundra-like conditions to work,

ski, hike, fish and camp.

We’re talking minus-30-degree days, wind blasting 80 mph, and weather so bitter, going without hand protection means

losing the north face sale digits. Yes, you can go play outside in such

conditions, these experts say, but exacting preparation is crucial. How can you be happy (and safe) when it’s sub-zero

out? Read on for tips. And stop looking at winter through the window. Carus has been a party to many harrowing winter

rescues on Mount Washington, including the coldest Mount Washington rescue in modern times: In February, 2015, 32-

year-old Kate Matrosova, an experienced mountaineer, encountered a terrible storm while traversing the Presidential


Winds gusted 80 to 100 mph. “She went up alone with the intention of bagging a couple of peaks and coming down,” said

Carus, an avid the north face sale guide and climber. “Then the weather moved

in and she froze to death.” Stay hydrated: Carus recommends carrying as much water as you would in the summer months,

but leave that Camelback hydration system at home. “People struggle with the simple thing like keeping water from

freezing,” Carus said. Carry instant shelter: When you stop to rest, drink or eat, you’re at grave risk of getting

cold. Not if you have an instant shelter. Carus loves the Bothy bags favored by sea kayakers in the North Sea. These

lightweight emergency shelters can be shared with a friend, in which case body heat will help keep you warm, too.

Slater has run sled dog trips in northwestern Maine and northern Canada for 30 years.

At Mahoosuc Guide Service, which Slater co-owns, all clients get two essential articles of clothing to ensure they stay

warm: Insulated rubber the north face price boots and an anorak —the shell

cuts the wind, the hood traps body heat. Boots in the bush: For skiing or fishing on frozen lakes that could turn

slushy, Slater recommends the Army surplus rubber boots called “Mickey Mouse boots,” which have thick insulation

between the rubber lining in the sole and the top of the foot. They cost a modest $100 and will last decades. “That is

the go-to footwear for just about anyone in Alaska in the bush,” Slater said. There’s a reason moose do well in cold

climates — they have thick coats. Slater swears by moose-hide mukluks made in Minnesota and Canada, which keep his

feet warm even in the bitter cold.
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