Genshin Impact Ganyu Gacha Banner Starts January 12

Genshin Impact Ganyu Gacha Banner Starts January 12

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    Rodeoneerer 1 month ago

    On January 10, miHoYo revealed the full details for the Ganyu gacha banner, Adrift in the Harbor, in Genshin Impact (PC, PS5, PS4, Mobile, soon on Switch). The new Ganyu limited gacha banner has Xiangling, Xingqiu, and Noelle as its four star characters.

    Ganyu, who serves as the secretary of the Yuehai Pavilion, is the character we will talk about today following the new information that miHoYo has released about her. Many adventurers must remember how we met her when we arrived at Liyue while she was telling us, with the lack of a certain key detail, that she was expecting an audience in the Jade Chamber with Ninguang.


    As for some interesting information about Ganyu as follows.

    Ganyu's story
    Ganyu himself is the Secretary of the Yuehai Pavilion. For Liyue Qixing at Yujing Terrace, Ganyu takes care of various administrative interests throughout Liyue Port. For thousands of years, Liyue Qixing has been changing and changing, while only Ganyu has witnessed what his current prosperity is like.

    Ganyu itself is half Adeptus half human. In his blood also flowed the Qilin heritage animal.

    Xiangling also had time to offer additional food, interestingly Ganyu was able to finish everything without leftovers. Ganyu is a character with the Cryo alias ice element. He uses a Bow or arrow type weapon.

    Ganyu's Talent

        Normal Attack: Liutian Archeri
            Normal Attack: Shoots arrows up to 6 times in a row
            Charge Attack: Target and can freeze enemies when arrows are directed.
        Trail of the Qilin
            Unleashes Ice Lotus, inflicts Cryo elemental damage in a certain area.
            The focus of the enemy or monster will target the Ice Lotus until the flower disappears.
        Celestial Shower
            Take out the Sacred Cryo Pearl which causes continuous hail.
            The hail deals ice element damage in a certain area.

    While the Ganyu banner will come out in Genshin Impact at the specified release time above, it will end on February 2nd at 15:00 server time.

    As for what you get from the event wish Adrift in the Harbor, the five-star blue-haired female combatant is the obvious biggie.

    The other characters available are four-stars:


    As usual, a new weapon banner will also be available where new weapons will be more likely to appear. It is estimated that these new banners will adorn the gachapon section from tomorrow, Tuesday 12, from 06:00 pm. m. local time until February 2. Good luck travelers.

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