Celaxryn RX It's probably the effect of my father's genes. I have an ugly complexion, oily with enlarged pores, I'm rather pale because I hate hot weather. For this I love autumn and winter. And this is the effect of our genes. I will add that I care for my face in a way that is right for my face. Cheap creams, expensive creams, and so one effect, i.e. no effect. I will go a little lower now. Back: from an early adolescence I wear on my back, or rather in them, a double-arcuate thoracic-lumbar scoliosis. Unfortunately, for this there is rotation of the stems and chest. My back looks terrible. Thoracic scoliosis is scoliosis of the second degree, about 30 degrees of curvature. In the lumbar section less. My spine hurts almost constantly. In addition, suffering legs and severe headaches. Unfortunately, we have terrible medical care in my place of residence. My scoliosis was treated only with symmetrical exercises. Orthopedists would laugh at this place. I have to wear very loose clothes, T-shirts in size L, because even in size M you can see the protruding right side of the back. Breasts: almost none. As an 18-year-old I gave birth to a child. I fed my son a little because there was nothing to eat. Herbs for lactation helped me a little. Currently, bras in size A are too big for me :-( I will go even lower: sex. And here - again, there is no desire for sex for several months. Before, we had made love to my husband more often (we have been married for over a year), but today I don't know how it was possible and I don't even remember what it is like to feel like having sex ... I think I just don't have the urge, because I'm not interested in sex in general, not only with my husband, but with men ( neither with women). We love my husband once in the proverbial Russian year.


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