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China-zjlg is a world-class Polishing machine manufacturer. Our primary products include centrifugal disc, drag and stream finishing machines to meet all of your deburring, polishing, grinding and honing requirements. Put us to the test by taking advantage of our free, no obligation sample processing. Looking for a great deal on a polishing machine? Look no further! We have everything you need when it comes to polishing machines. We are dedicated to bringing only the greatest values to you the customers. With over twenty years on the market we are determined to ensure that you receive the best possible customer service. We strive to turn first time customers into life-long connections. Our customer service representatives are standing by to answer questions. Call today for more information. Manufacturer of barrel finishing equipment, including Rotary Tumblers 1 Gallon and 1 Quart and .05 to 2.5 Cubic Foot Vibratory Tumblers. Applications include deburring, burnishing, etching, separating, stripping, cleaning, polishing, coating & mixing.

Production of buffing machines remained strong, with the introduction of a patented camming-type model for finishing out-of-round brass plumbing J-bends and steel automotive bumper guards. In addition, incorporation of various counter-weighted camming devices allowed the machines to follow and finish irregular shaped surfaces for aluminum cookware. In terms of automation breakthroughs, metal finishing technology was ahead of heavy-metal-removal machine tool technology by several decades throughout much of the 20th century. This is the story of one of the earliest pioneers in metal finishing automation.

The quality of the polishing fixtures (also called polishing plates or jigs) is extremely important to your company. Considering the high cost of production equipment and components, my company will want to maintain these tools to produce a high volume of products with minimal quality issues over the long run.

Polishing fixtures for optical fiber polishing machines are built with high-precision machining equipment. Fixtures made of steel and aluminum can flex and warp over time, which will negatively impact your polishing process and product quality. On the other hand, polishing fixtures made of hardened stainless steel avoid this wear effect. However, hardened stainless steel contains more iron in the alloy, so this does increase the risk of rusting. This is a key reason why proper maintenance is so critical.

Although the extracted bran becomes a valuable by-product as a good source of edible oil, the nutritive value of polished rice kernels gets reduced considerably including significant loss of natural fibre. Besides this loss, a large quantitative loss is inherent with this operation. Harsh and excessive work done on the rice kernels through paddy husker, rice kernels are subjected to an intensive thermal and mechanical stresses which cause some damage to rice kernels and it lead to break some of them. The large yield of broken may range between 20 to 50%, and reduce effective yield of head rice (whole kernel) as well. Finally it incurs significant economic loss.

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