How to create a Bitcoin Paper Wallet

How to create a Bitcoin Paper Wallet

Bitcoin Paperwallets are great to keep your Bitcoins on a safe place.
If you create your Paperwallets in the right way, then this is the Best way to Store your Bitcoins.

What is a Bitcoin Paperwallet?

A Bitcoin Paper Wallet is, like name already says, a Wallet where you can store your Bitcoins. A Paperwallet has Your Public Address and your Private Key on it.
You just sent your Bitcoins to the Public Address and thats all. To use your stored Bitcoins, ju must enter the Private Key (Import) in a Wallet like Blockchain or the Original
Bitcoin-Core Wallet. Thats it.

You know what a Paperwallet is, but how to create them?

Thats realy Easy. There are a lot Free Services out there to create a paperwallet:

Bitaddress.org (FREE)

BitcoinPaperWallet.com (FREE)

Litaddress.org (FREE Litecoin PaperWallet)

How to use a Bitcoin Paper Waller?
The following Tutorial from Blockchain.info will show you, how to use your Bitcoin PaperWallet:

Blockchain.info Tutorial

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