11 Best SEO Blogs and Website you should know

A website is a must for small, medium, and large-scale businesses. It's also a must for businesses to do Search Engine Optimization of their websites. SEO involves work done for increasing the ranking of websites in the prime search engines.

SEO is an ever-evolving technology with search engines changing the way they fetch results to the users. Some of the SEO techniques for fetching better results are page authority, localization, click-through rate, and more.

Marketers must stay updated on new techniques. Several good SEO blogs are of help to them. Below, we will discuss 11 such blogs.

Search Engine Journal

This blog does more than cover SEO and has information on pay-per-click advertising and social media. The various blog posts here are useful for beginners. There are also important tips and updates that veteran SEOs must know.


Many consider this site to be the most trustworthy for everything related to SEO. There's a Beginner's Guide to SEO for beginners. The various latest educational resources and SEO tips are helpful for those who understand the basics.

Several posts are written by SEO veterans and the blog does a meticulous screening of the content for the blog posts. Thus, readers are guaranteed of quality information.

Search Engine Watch

Much of the content is for keeping marketers updated on the existing and future trends. Thus, readers are sure to stay abreast of the ever-evolving world of SEO.

Search Engine Land

There is content on search engine updates and search engine associated products and proper execution of various parts of SEO. Everyone practising search engine marketing will get useful information.

SEO Book

The content here delves more on the technicalities of SEO. Thus, this site is ideal for marketers who know the basics of SEO.


This blog promotes quality SEO practices. Readers will learn to do SEO effectively and how to sidestep penalties. There are also case studies of companies that have achieved more traffic and better ranking.

Google Webmaster Central Blog

A very important part of doing SEO well is to stay current on Google algorithm updates. This blog features posts on major updates for marketers that impact website rankings and routine works in Google Search Console.

Yoast SEO Blog

The blog offers useful insights on the use of this premium SEO plugin for WordPress plugin for SEO work. Readers will also know useful SEO basics for technical SEO, content SEO, e-commerce, and analytics.


There are case studies, guides, and detailed research for marketers to know the several sides of SEO and marketing well.


The blog caters to both readers who wish to know general trends and updates in online marketing and SEO specifically. There are frequent posts on SEO topics, an example being SEO for specific business niches.


This blog is ideal for people interested in mobile and local search with tips and tricks on the mobile and local search industry.


Proper SEO for a website needs an understanding of the latest search engines updates and techniques. The latest tips and updates covered in the above blogs will help marketers do proper SEO of their websites. There are more such blogs.

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