Magnetic drive pump (referred to as magnetic pump for short) is a new type of centrifugal pump which applies the working principle of permanent magnet coupling. It is reasonable in design, advanced in technology, fully sealed, leak-free and corrosion-resistant. Its performance reaches the advanced level of similar products abroad.laboratory
rotary vane vacuum pump

The magnetic pump replaces the dynamic seal with the static seal, so that the flow passage parts of the pump are in a completely sealed state, which completely solves the unavoidable malpractice of running, running and dropping of other pump mechanical seals. Magnetic pump uses corrosion-resistant, high-strength engineering plastics, corundum ceramics, stainless steel and other manufacturing materials, so it has good corrosion resistance, and can be conveyed media from pollution.maintenance knowledge of vacuum pump
Stainless steel magnetic pump can be widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, electroplating, food, film photography, printing, scientific research institutions, defense industries and other units to pump acid, alkali, oil, rare and precious liquids, venom, volatile liquids, as well as circulating water equipment matching, filter matching. Especially the pumping of leakage, flammable and explosive liquid, it is more ideal to choose this pump.2XZ Rotary Vacuum Pumpp

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