Reckon accounting software can be installed on both Windows and Mac operating system with or without a CD drive. Here you can have a look at the steps for installation on Mac OS with the help of a CD drive and if you wish to install it via another way possible, then you can get in touch with Reckon Technical Support Number and do the needful.

• Switch on the system and insert the installation CD into the CD drive
• The system will read the CD in a moment and after that, you will be able to see the icon on the desktop screen.
• Now drag the icon and take it to the application folder
• If the instructions ask you to provide username and password, then do the needful.
• After that just follow the prompts and complete the installation process.

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For setting Up Payroll in Reckon one has to complete various steps and these steps are somewhat very complex. But if you don’t want to do it on your own then you can reach out to Reckon Technical Support Number for doing this task for you as these people are having complete knowledge about this accounting software. The things which you must set up first before setting up Payroll are:
• Calculate Gross and Net Pay
• Payroll Items
• Employees Detail
• Set the year to date amount of your employees
• Provide all the necessary tax information

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If you wish to edit the Bank account details or want to enter a new bank account while working with the Reckon accounting software, then you need to do the needful. The steps are mentioned below. You can execute them and implement the changes or can directly contact the reckon customer support phone number and ask for their advice.
• Open the Reckon accounting software and select the bank account that you wish to edit.
• Now enter the primary account name and other details in the given field.
• After that enter the account type and other banking options.
• Now move to the option of edit the bank account
• Follow the on-screen instructions and do the needful.

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